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Lessons - Additional Information

Lesson Policies

1. Payment due in the month you receive the service, by the 10th of the month.

2. You pay a set fee per month.

3. If you miss a lesson you can request a coupon.

4. If you have signed up for a group lesson and for whatever reason you are the only rider on that day, AMIT has the option to change your lesson to a ½ hour private (at no additional charge to you).

5. If due to inclement weather or bad road conditions we are unable to ride, we will cancel lessons. You should call two hours prior to your lesson to find what has been decided.  See our Makeup Policy [pdf] for details on makeup options. (Call 301-475-5434 to check if lessons are cancelled.)

AMIT Lesson Guidelines

1st Lesson

Meet your instructor.
Meet the horse or pony.
Catch and groom.
Tack up.
Start, stop, steer, etc.
Cool off and brush out saddle marks.
Turn horse or pony out.
Clean up and put away grooming and riding items.

Discussion of attire:

DO wear: Footwear with some form of a heel (this helps stop the foot from sliding through the stirrup). Since riding involves all types of weather, muck boots (or some type of rubber boot) is best (hiking boots tend to be too thick and cumbersome to ride comfortably in). Long pants or chaps, regular shirt, other attire as dictated by weather. Riding helmet (required when mounted). We have helmets available for you, but recommend each rider invest in their own hat.

DON'T wear: During the summer, tank tops should not be worn (protect your skin!). In cold weather, long scarves should be tucked in.  Jewelry should be kept to a minimum when riding. Long earrings and rings with stone settings are not allowed.

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