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Our emphasis at AMIT is developing the horse and rider through a consistent lesson program. The links below will point you to specific sections of this page. (You can also scroll down.)

Are you interested in taking riding lessons from AMIT?

If so, here's what you should do:

Once we know when you're available, we'll match you with an instructor, horse, and lesson time and you can get started.

We also offer a private Introduction to Horses. Join us for an hour of hands-on learning with one of our instructors. You will spend time preparing and handling the horse and ride for 30 minutes. Great for younger children who are not yet ready for our lesson program or adults interested in riding. The fee is $35. Contact us at (301) 475-5434 or via email to set up a time.


AMIT has over a dozen experienced instructors. Most students will begin with one of our Junior Instructors (Tier 1) in a private lesson and will work into a group lesson once he or she is capable of handling the horse independently (i.e. basic steering, stopping, walk/trot).

Click here for more info on each instructor [Instructor Bios].

AMIT Lesson FAQ's

Q: What do I need to bring to my first lesson?
A: Wear footwear with some form of heel. Wear pants that will not ride up and shirts/coats that are not too loose or baggy. (In winter, wear enough to keep warm!)

Q: When do I/does my child start showing?
A: This is up to the individual and his or her instructor, but most start anytime after riding for at least one year. For information about showing expectations and guidelines at AMIT, click here [pdf].

Q: How do I know if lessons are cancelled?
A: Call the barn - (301) 475-5434.

Q: What happens if I miss a lesson?
A: See our Makeup Policy [pdf] **Updated 12/26/2017** for complete details. If you know you will miss a lesson, be sure to inform your instructor (or the barn) at least one day in advance. There may be a group make-up session scheduled for lessons cancelled by AMIT. See pdf for complete information.

Q. How much do lessons cost?
A: For lessons only, we offer three packages based off the level of your instructor. Each is based on a month of lessons, which is typically 4 lessons per month. See Rates & Packages (below).

Rates & Packages

Lessons only:
Senior Instructor, Group lesson:

Assistant Instructor, Group lesson:

Junior Instructor, Group lesson or 1/2 hr private:

Once a rider is capable of riding independently, extra riding time will help him or her progress. We offer several leasing options (use of AMIT horse) to give you extra riding time without the commitment and expense of owning a horse. If interested, talk to Bobby about available horses.

Student Worker Program

If interested in working to pay off part of the expense of lessons or boarding, or you'd like to earn extra riding time, you can participate in our student worker program.

Eligible riders have taken lessons at AMIT for at least a year or have enough prior experience, as determined by AMIT. For more information, talk to Bobby.

Additional Information

Hardcopies of the AMIT Info Pack are available at your first lesson or from the barn. For the complete list of Barn Rules, click here. (This link opens a .pdf file that will open in a new window.)


To participate in riding activities, you must have a waiver filled out and signed. These are available from the barn and you will receive one in your intro lesson packet. If you need another waiver for any reason, you may download it online: click here to download the .pdf general riding waiver.

(To download, you will need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader, available here.)

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