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AMIT is focused on its lesson program; approximately two-thirds of the horses at AMIT are our school horses and ponies. However, we do offer boarding, especially for horses in training at AMIT.

All horses are kept on 24/7 turnout in spacious pastures. Every field offers some form of shelter from inclement weather. Board also includes hay, water, grain up to 12 lbs per day, salt, worming, and trimming.

All rates are effective through February 2020.

Base Board (board only): $400/month
Board + Lessons with Senior Instructor: $500/month
Board + Lessons with Assistant Instructor: $480/month
Board + Lessons with Junior Instructor: $460/month

Additional fees:

2 shoes: $45.00/month
4 shoes: $75.00/month
Stall: $125.00/month
Special grains: According to cost, provided by boarder
Other: determined on a case-by-case basis


Board + 5 days/week training: $800.00/month
Board + 3 days/week training: $625.00/month
Board + 2 days/week training: $550.00/month